Cashango Lda Finance And Loan Company - Need Personal Loan or Car Title Loan

Welcome to Cashango Lda  Finance Online. We are one of the first Loan Companies from Angola / Africa that is regulated by the Consumer Credit Commission to publish an online finance program for Personal Loans and Car Title Loans. Whether you're a consumer with good credit looking for a Personal Loan...or a person with bad credit having problems obtaining a loan, you have come to the right place. At Cashango Lda  Finance we have a program for everybody... so it is easy to get approved. For example, if your credit is not the greatest then you might want to consider our two options, an automatic bank Debit Loan or a Car Title Loan. If your credit is in good standing then you can qualify for our Signature or a Personal Loan. The great thing about Cashango Lda  Finance is your interest does not vary on your credit score. In fact we are 10 times cheaper than Payday Advance Companies. Don't let a payday loan company turn your loan into a bad credit loan. So what are you waiting for? Apply now online or call us at 934-870-673.We are located in downtown Luanda, Rua Da Missao N,77 Office 6-7 Floor 6 on _the corner of Mutamba Bairro Patrice Lumumba, Ingombotas, Luanda.,

The Requirements
1 To receive the money, must sign a contract for two weeks with us, from the moment you receive the money.

 2, To get the money, should have a copy of your ID card is to have a guarantee to give us, such as Laptop, Phone, iPhone, or anything of value that we guarantee that you pay us is to retrieve your item.
3, the payment is made immediately after the signing of the contract is two weeks from the date of signing the contract, the rate of 50%

4, in case of non-payment after the date of signing the contract, we will contact you, you have three days to pay more kwz 500 per day.
If you were unable to pay, we are forced to sell their goods at a price that you pay just the shadow, and finish the contract.
and the name of the law, a contract between two parties should be respected.

Tel, 00244-934-870-673